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MEDE Capstone – CRA only

MEDE Capstone, January 20, 2022

(Information current as of December 21, 2021)

The MEDE capstone is the final event in which we celebrate the many accomplishments the CRA has achieved over the past 10 years. The event is open to the entire MEDE CRA, both past and present. The event is co-hosted by the DEVCOM Army Research Laboratory and the MEDE lead research organization, Johns Hopkins University.

The MEDE capstone is scheduled to be a VIRTUAL event. The MEDE leadership hopes that there is a high level of participation by the entire MEDE CRA. We will continue to send email updates as the event approaches.


If you registered earlier for the in-person capstone, your registration will be converted to virtual. 

For all others, please register using the below button.

The deadline to register is Wednesday, January 12, 2022.

Poster Session

For poster presenters, please review the poster guidance and use this template for your poster.

The deadline to upload the poster file is Wednesday, January 12, 2022.

Point of Contact

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Ms. Bess Bieluczyk.