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2018 CMEDE Research Posters

Below are research posters illustrating work conducted within the Center for Materials in Extreme Dynamic Environments that were presented during the 2018 Fall Meeting.
Posters are categorized by Collaborative Materials Research Group (CMRG).


Modeling the Constitutive Behavior of Granulated Ceramics Based on Breakage Mechanics

An Overview on the Microstructural Characterization of Various Boron Carbide Specimens

An Integrative Model for the Dynamic Behavior of Ceramics


High Rate Data on the Effect of Shear and Pressure and Material Variables on the onset of Amorphization

Characterization of Dynamic Mechanical Properties and in situ Visualization of  Fracture in Boron Carbide

Continuum-based Models of Fracture Coalescence and Onset Fragmentation

Modeling the Transition from Fracture to Granular flow

High-Rate Multi Axial Granular Flow of Boron Carbide

Microanalysis and Atomic-Resolution Characterization of Boron-rich Ceramics

Titanium Diboride Reinforced Boron Carbide

Processing and Characterization of Arc Melting & SPS Prepared Silicon-doped Boron Carbide

Atomistic scale simulation for the inter-diffusion of Epoxy-Amine (Interphase modeling)

Probabilistic Modeling and UQ for computational models of composites

Real-time Damage Visualization in Polymers and Composites

Atomistic and Coarse-Grained Molecular Simulations of Sizing Emulsions

Meso-Mechanical Modeling of Canonical Perforation Experiments

Effect of Microstructure on the Dynamic Strength of UHMWPE Composites

Automated Macro-scale Damage Characterization of Plain-Weave S-2 Glass/Epoxy Composite Laminates

Micromechanical FE modeling of tensile failure of unidirectional composites: Experimental routes

ComPro 3: Synthesis of Epoxy Networks and Interphases with Controlled Topology

Multi-scale Modeling of Damage and Failure in Composites


Micromechanics Analysis of Damage and Failure in Heterogeneous Composite Subject to High Strain Rate Impact and Blast

Multi-Scale Modeling of Fiber-Matrix Interphase

First-principles calculation of precipitation in Magnesium-Aluminum alloys

Three-dimensional microstructural characterization of magnesium and magnesium alloys

Uncertainty Quantification for Constitutive Modeling

Model Reduction for Input-Output Maps

Modeling microstructure evolution through Field Monte Carlo Potts and Cahn-Hilliard

Preferential Failure Orientations in Rolled AZ31B Under Dynamic Tensile Loading

Mapping Anisotropy and Triaxiality Effects on Strength and Deformation Stability of Magnesium Alloys

High Strain Rate Mechanisms and Shear Localization of Magnesium and its Alloys

Deformation Driven Dynamic Precipitation in Mg-Al Alloy

Void Dominated Failure: Implications of Void Nucleation at Grain and Twin Boundaries on Spall Failure

Pressure-shear plate impact of magnesium and its alloys at high pressures

Data Science Integration: MEDE-DSC Analysis of Time-Resolved Ballistics

Hypervelocity Impact Lab at JHU