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Ceramics CMRG

Ceramics CMRG

Consortium Lead: Prof. Richard Haber (Rutgers)

ARL Lead: Dr. Jerry LaSalvia

Model Material: Boron Carbide

Boron carbide is the model material for the Ceramics CMRG because it has the unrealized potential of dramatic improvements in ballistic performance for vehicular protection at very low weight. The Ceramics CMRG seeks to understand and control the dynamic failure processes in this protective ceramic material and to improve its dynamic performance by controlling mechanisms at the atomic and microstructural levels through multiscale modeling, advanced powder synthesis, control of polytypes, and microstructural improvements.

Application: Boron carbide is one of the component materials used to protect soldiers and military vehicles from blast and ballistic threats.

Current Consortium Research
  • Cross Cutting Task 1: Integrated Modeling (Ramesh, JHU)
  • Cross Cutting Task 2: Synthesis and Processing (Haber, Rutgers; Harmer and Marvel, Lehigh; Spencer and Chandrashekhar, Morgan State)
  • Supertask 1: Quasi-Plasticity (Haber, Rutgers; Ramesh and Hemker, JHU)
  • Supertask 2: Fracture and Fragmentation (Graham-Brady, Ramesh, Hufnagel, and Robbins, JHU)
  • Supertask 3: Granular Flow (Ramesh, Graham-Brady, and Hurley, JHU)

Group Members
Consortium PIs
Prof. MVS Chandrashekhar, South Carolina [visiting Morgan State]
Prof. Lori Graham-Brady, JHU
Prof. Rich Haber, Rutgers
Prof. Martin Harmer, Lehigh
Prof. Kevin Hemker, JHU
Prof. Todd Hufnagel, JHU
Prof. Ryan Hurley, JHU
Dr. Chris Marvel, Lehigh
Prof. KT Ramesh, JHU
Prof. Mark Robbins, JHU
Prof. Michael Spencer, Morgan State
ARL Collaborators
Dr. Brady Aydelotte
Dr. Richard Becker
Dr. Kristopher Behler
Dr. Shawn Coleman
Dr. George Gazonas
Dr. Efrain Hernandez
Dr. Jerry LaSalvia
Mr. Brian Leavy
Dr. Jonathan Ligda
Dr. Bryan Love
Dr. James McCauley
Dr. Jason McDonald
Dr. Sikhanda Satapathy
Dr. Brian Schuster
Dr. Jeffrey Swab
Dr. Jennifer Synowczynski-Dunn
Dr. Andrew Tonge
Dr. Scott Walck
Undergraduate Students
Daniel Chung, Rutgers
Austin Cruz, Rutgers
Daniel Tabas, JHU
Graduate Students
Vincent DeLucca, Rutgers
Debjoy Mallick, JHU
Tyler Munhollon, Rutgers
Metin Ornek, Rutgers
Nicolas Venkovic, JHU
Postdoctoral Fellows
Dr. Yong Gao, Rutgers
Dr. Sim Gidong, JHU