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Composites CMRG

Composites CMRG

Consortium Lead: Prof. John Gillespie, Jr. (Univ. of Delaware)

ARL Lead: Dr. Daniel O’Brien

Model Material: S-2 Glass/Epoxy Interface

Composite materials subjected to dynamic loads are essential examples of high performance systems in the conventional sense. In order to focus on the complexities raised by the interfaces and architectures, S-2 Glass/Epoxy is the model system for the Composites CMRG. The Composites CMRG develops the fundamental understanding of the role of interfaces, component interactions, and composite architecture over the full range of length scales and time scales that are manifested in the system during the dynamic event.

Application: S-2 Glass/Epoxy provides a strong, structural backing system to support protective plates for military vehicles.

Current Consortium Research
  • Characterization of Macroscale Damage in Composite Materials (Aslan, Morgan State)
  • Epoxy Molecular Simulations (Abrams and Palmese, Drexel)
  • Meso-Mechanical Modeling of Canonical Perforation Experiments (Haque and Gillespie, Delaware)
  • Micro-Mechanical Modeling of Progressive Punch-shear and Punch Crush Behavior of Unidirectional Composites (Gillespie and Haque, Delaware)
  • Micromechanical FE Modeling of Tensile Failure of Unidirectional Composites (Gillespie, Delaware)
  • Multi-scale Modeling of Damage and Failure in Composites (Ghosh, JHU)
  • Multi-scale Modeling of Fiber-Matrix Interphase (Gillespie and Chowdhury, Delaware)
  • Real-time Damage Visualization in Polymers and Composites (Chen, Purdue)
  • Synthesis of Epoxy Networks and Interphases with Controlled Topology (Palmese and Abrams, Drexel)
  • Probabilistic Modeling and UQ for Computational Models of Composites (Graham-Brady and Shields, JHU)

Group Members
Consortium PIs
Prof. Cameron Abrams, Drexel
Prof. Kadir Aslan, Morgan State
Prof. Wayne Chen, Purdue
Dr. Sanjib Chowdhury, Delaware
Prof. Somnath Ghosh, JHU
Prof. Jack Gillespie, Delaware
Prof. Lori Graham-Brady, JHU
Prof. Bazle Haque, Delaware
Prof. Giuseppe Palmese, Drexel
Prof. Michael Shields, JHU
ARL Collaborators
Dr. Jan Andzelm
Dr. Travis Bogetti
Dr. Robert Elder
Dr. Joe Lenhart
Dr. Kevin Masser
Mr. Chris Meyer
Dr. Daniel O’Brien
Dr. James Sands
Dr. Timothy Sirk
Dr. Tusit Weerasooriya
Dr. Chian Fong Yen
Undergraduate Students
Reid Bremble, Delaware
Michael Carroll, Delaware
Evan Martz, Delaware
Graduate Students
Shinu Baby, JHU
Tom Cender, Delaware
Raja Ganesh, Delaware
Zhiye Li, JHU
Majid Sharifi, Drexel
Sandeep Tamrakar, Delaware
Xiaofan Zhang, JHU
Postdoctoral Fellows
Dr. Chang Woon Jang, Drexel