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Integrative Research

Integrative research opportunities involve multiple CMRGs and have impacts across the MEDE Collaborative Research Alliance. The integrative research currently being conducted and the primary researchers are:
  • Data Science: Integration (Budavari, JHU)
  • Collaborative Research Administration Environment and Data Library (Sierakowski, JHU)
  • MEDE Data Science Cloud (Elbert, JHU)

Consortium PIs
Prof. Tamas Budavari, JHU
Mr. David Elbert, JHU
Prof. Lori Graham-Brady JHU
Prof. K.T. Ramesh, JHU
Erica Schoenberger, JHU
Dr. Adam Sierakowski, JHU
ARL Collaborators
Dr. Richard Becker
Dr. Travis Bogetti
Mr. Brian Leavy
Dr. William Mattson
Dr. Daniel O’Brien
Dr. Betsy Rice
Dr. Brian Schuster
Mr. Wayne Ziegler