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Metals CMRG

Metals CMRG

Consortium Lead: Prof. Timothy P. Weihs (JHU)

ARL Lead:
Dr. Tomoko Sano

Model Material: Magnesium

The magnesium alloy system is the model material for the Metals CMRG because it is the lightest-weight structural metal that offers the potential of approaching steel-like ballistic performance while using conventional low-cost and time-tested processing techniques. We are enhancing the dynamic performance of this hexagonally-close-packed metal using experimentally validated modeling and alloy design to control dynamic strengthening and failure mechanisms, including deformation twinning.

Application: The U.S. Army’s Stryker vehicle incorporates magnesium in its structure. In comparison to steel, magnesium offers the potential for a lightweight metal system that could enhance the deployability and protection of military vehicles.

Current Consortium Research Groups
  • Dynamic Deformation and Strength (El-Awady, Falk, and Ramesh, JHU; Bhattacharya and Ortiz, Caltech; Kimberley, NMT; Joshi, Univ. of Houston)
  • Thermal Mechanical Processing (Weihs, JHU; Bhattacharya and Kochmann, Caltech; Sankar, Xu, and Yarmolenko NC A&T; Wei, UNCC)
  • Void Dominated Failure and Spall (Hufnagel, JHU; Ortiz and Bhattacharya, Caltech; Wilkerson, Texas A&M)

Group Members
Consortium PIs
Prof. Kaushik Bhattacharya, Caltech
Prof. Jaafar El-Awady, JHU
Prof. Michael Falk, JHU
Prof. Todd Hufnagel, JHU
Prof. Shailendra Joshi, University of Houston
Prof. Jamie Kimberley, New Mexico Tech
Prof. Dennis Kochmann, Caltech
Prof. Michael Ortiz, Caltech
Prof. KT Ramesh, JHU
Prof. Jagannathan Sankar, NC A&T
Prof. Qiuming Wei, UNCC
Prof. Tim Weihs, JHU
Prof. Justin Wilkerson, Texas A&M
Dr. Zhigang Xu, NC A&T
Dr. Sergey Yarmolenko, NC A&T
ARL Collaborators
Dr. Richard Becker
Dr. Todd Bjerke
Mr. Brady Butler
Dr. Dan Casem
Dr. John Clayton
Dr. Robert Elder
Dr. Vince Hammond
Dr. Efrain Hernandez
Mr. Tyrone Jones
Dr. Laszlo Kecskes
Dr. Krista Limmer
Dr. Jeffrey Lloyd
Dr. Christopher Meredith
Dr. Tomoko Sano
Dr. Scott Schoenfeld
Dr. Brian Schuster
Dr. Mark Tschopp
Dr. N. Scott Weingarten
Dr. Cyril Williams


Undergraduate Students
Moriah Bischann, Caltech
Aaron Cross, New Mexico Tech
Gehn Ferguson, JHU
Geordan Gutow, JHU


Graduate Students
Yingrui (Ray) Chang, Caltech
Suhas Eswarappa Prameela, JHU
Michael Grapes, JHU
Vignesh Kannan, JHU
Nicholas Krywopusk, JHU
Andrew Matejunas, New Mexico Tech
Luoninh Ma, JHU
Dingyi Sun, Caltech
Vidyasagar, Caltech
William Wagers, JHU
Meng Zhao, JHU


Postdoctoral Fellows
Dr. Sim Gidong, JHU
Dr. Xiaolong Ma, JHU
Dr. M. Zubaer Hossain, Caltech
Dr. Owen Kingstedt, Caltech
Dr. Mauricio Rene Ponga De La Torre, Caltech
Dr. Amuthan Arunkumar Ramabathiran, Caltech
Dr. Kinshuk Srivastava, JHU
Dr. Peng Yi, JHU