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Polymers CMRG

Polymers CMRG [CLOSED OUT IN 2017]

Consortium Lead: Prof. Giuseppe Palmese (Drexel)

ARL Lead:
Dr. James Snyder

Model Material: UHMWPE
Polyethylene is the model system for the Polymers CMRG because of the potential for significant improvement in its mechanical properties. Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) is used in a wide variety of military applications in both tape and fiber forms, but its tensile strength remains an order of magnitude below the theoretical value. The Polymers CMRG seeks to determine the roles of atomic scale defects, chain length, degree and length scale of crystallinity in determining and limiting the mechanical response under extreme dynamic conditions.

Application: UHMWPE shows tremendous promise for the next generation of helmets and body protection for soldiers.

Current Consortium Research
  • 2021 – Fabrication and Processing (Alvarez, Drexel; Deitzel, Delaware)
  • 2021 – Modeling Polymer Deformation: Potentials and Methods (Robbins, JHU)

Research Highlight: Correlations between Fiber Morphology and Tensile Properties in UHMPE Fiber Production 

Group Members
Consortium PIs
Prof. Nicolas Alvarez, Drexel
Dr. Joseph Deitzel, Delaware
Prof. Mark Robbins, JHU
ARL Collaborators
Dr. Jan Andzelm
Dr. Travis Bogetti
Dr. Kevin Masser
Dr. Kenneth Strawhecker
Dr. James Snyder
Dr. Tusit Weerasooriya
Undergraduate Students
Domenick Gregory, Delaware
Graduate Students
Christopher Henry, Drexel
Thomas O’Connor, JHU
Postdoctoral Scholars
Dr. Vikram Jadhao, JHU
Steve Sauerbrunn, Delaware, Research Scientist