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Announcing the MEDE-MSA Fellowship

Mar 12, 2019 | No Comments | By Jessica Ader

MEDE – MSA Research Fellowship

The United States Army Research Laboratory (ARL) and the United Kingdom’s Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) maintain a strong international partnership which fosters research collaborations between the two countries. Two major materials programs focused on defense applications are the Materials in Extreme Dynamic Environments (MEDE) funded by the ARL, and the Materials for Strategic Advantage (MSA) funded by DSTL.

The Center for Materials in Extreme Dynamic Environments is pleased to announce the MEDE – MSA research fellowship. This fellowship is only open to graduate students or postdocs funded on MEDE whose principal faculty advisor is a current MEDE principal investigator (PI). This research fellowship will enable current MEDE graduate students or postdocs the opportunity to participate in research activities at a MSA funded university in the United Kingdom. The fellowship will provide $6,000 (US) to support travel, housing and incidental costs. It is expected that the fellowship will be approximately eight weeks in duration, mostly likely during the summer months in 2019.

Before applying, the graduate student/postdoc and their MEDE PI should contact a prospective MSA PI to coordinate the fellowship research focus and logistics. A list of MSA PIs and their contact information is listed below:

(contact info)
University, City Research Focus
Dr. Houzheng Wu
+44(0)1509 223342
Loughborough University, London UK Nanoceramic composites
Prof. Bo Su
+44 (0) 117 34 29493
University of Bristol, Bristol UK Ceramic/metal and ceramic/polymer ballistic interfaces
Dr. Clive Siviour
+44 1865 2 73132
University of Oxford, Oxford UK Ceramic/polymer ballistic interfaces
Prof. Jon Binner
(+44) (0)121 414 4396
University of Birmingham, Birmingham UK Synthesis of non-oxide ceramic powders
Dr. Dan Eakins
+44 1865 6 13078
University of Oxford, Oxfordshire UK Magnesium alloys

Interested graduate students and postdocs should submit an application which includes:
1. Current curriculum vitae of applicant;
2. Description of the planned research activities;
3. Name and contact information of current MEDE PI;
4. Name and contact information of proposed MSA PI;
5. Proposed dates of the fellowship;
6. A statement that acknowledges the MSA PI has agreed to host the applicant;
7. Personal statement on how this fellowship will benefit and broaden their research.
Application materials should be sent as a single pdf file to Dr. Victor Nakano ( The deadline to submit the application materials is April 12, 2019. The selected applicant will be expected to present a poster of their experience at the 2019 MEDE Fall Meeting and/or appropriate CMRG meeting.

Administrative notes:
If selected, it is the applicant’s responsibility to coordinate travel and lodging with host MSA PI. Funding for this fellowship will be subawarded to the applicant’s home MEDE university, under the applicant’s MEDE PI. The funding covers travel, housing and incidentals. Graduate student stipend or postdoc salary will be supported by the MEDE PI on their respective task budget.



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