HEMI/APL Seed Grant Opportunity

HEMI/APL Seed Grant

Congratulations to our 2020 HEMI/APL Seed Grant Awardees!

Dr. Laszlo J. Kecskes (HEMI) and Dr. Michael Presley (APL) – “Application of Thermodynamic Modeling to Spatially Tailor the Microstructure of Additively Manufactured W-based Alloys”


The Hopkins Extreme Materials Institute (HEMI) and the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) are pleased to announce our first HEMI/APL collaborative seed grant program. The goal of this program is to provide seed funding with the intent of bringing together scientists and engineers from HEMI and APL to collaborate on research topics of mutual interest.

While all directions related to the HEMI mission will be considered, directions of particular interest are topics that emerged from the joint, HEMI/APL collaboration meeting held at APL on May 17, 2019. These topics include:

  • Hypersonics
    • Surface Roughness Effects under Hypersonic Flight Conditions
    • Sensing in Hypersonic Environments
    • Characterization, including Hyperspectral Imaging, of Thermal Spray/HVOF
    • High Temperature Gas Gun Capability Development
  • Additive Manufacturing
    • Effects of Shielding Gases
    • Hyperspectral Imaging of AM Processing
  • Armor and High Rate Impact
    • High Rate Mechanical Behavior/Mechanisms of AM Metal Matrix Composites
    • Shear Bands in Tungsten
    • Design and Optimization of Transparent Armor Materials
    • Modeling of UHMWPE Helmets
    • High Rate Characterization and Modeling of Mechanophoric Gels
    • Skull Characterization and Testing
    • Tissue/Organ Modeling

All proposals must be jointly submitted by at least one APL Staff and one HEMI Fellow as Co-Principal Investigators. The expectation is that the HEMI and APL leads would both play significant roles and would bear similar levels of responsibility.

The total budget request for a team may not exceed $50,000, broadly viewed as an equitable split between APL and HEMI activities. The project period is up to one year. HEMI/APL leadership anticipates funding at least one seed grant award. APL funds must be spent prior to September 30 of the year in which the funding is granted.

Obligations of Award Recipients
Award recipients will be expected to:

  • Complete the research within one year. No-cost extensions will not be offered. APL funds must be spent by the end of the federal government fiscal year and must be on trajectory to meet that deadline by August of the given year.
  • Submit a joint proposal for external research funding through HEMI or APL within one year of completion of the project.
  • Acknowledge the support of HEMI and APL in publications or presentations resulting from this research project.
  • Give a seminar on the joint research at JHU and at APL within 1 year of the completion of the seed grant.

Proposal Format

  • Title Page – Include proposal title, investigators, their departments and e-mail addresses.
  • Narrative – Not to exceed 3 pages. Must include the following:
    • Statement of the Problem or Area of Investigation
    • Project Goals and Objectives – Include the research objectives and/or technique or tool developments that will be accomplished during the HEMI/APL Seed Grant project phase.
    • Future Funding and Goals – State how this project will help the proposing team attract new or additional external funding following the HEMI/APL Seed Grant project phase. Indicate which funding agencies and programs will be approached with future proposals.
    • Impact – Describe how this project will impact HEMI, APL and/or the broader Hopkins research community. If the proposal involves multiple investigators from either HEMI or APL, one of the investigators from each must be designated as the Principal Investigator, with the remaining investigators as Co- Investigators.
  • Budget and Budget Justification – Budget not to exceed $50,000 ($25k to each, HEMI and APL investigators) for a period up to 12 months. HEMI/APL Seed Grant Program will support all costs.
  • Curriculum Vitae (one or 2 pages, standard NSF or NIH formats).

Deadlines and Evaluation
The proposal deadline is 5 p.m. Monday, January 20, 2020. Please email the proposal as a single PDF document and the budget/budget justification in Excel to [email protected]. The HEMI/APL Seed Grant Program Review Committee may seek budget adjustments before making final decisions around the end of January 2020. The Principal Investigators should ensure the proposal contains all required elements and is clearly written. Although the review panel will be familiar with some of the proposed areas of research, it is not possible to have an expert in every field represented by the proposals. Therefore, it is imperative that you make a convincing argument why this research is important in your field and should be funded at this time.

Please contact Scott McGhee ([email protected]) if you experience technical difficulties completing your submission or need further help in preparing your proposal.