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Internal Collaboration

We will utilize a wide variety of collaborative meetings to enable communication, foster collaboration, and create communities of interest. Collaborative meetings start at the Focus Area (FA) level and progress up to the University Research Alliance (URA) level.

Focus Area (FA) meetings: FA meetings are held biweekly so that investigators and students can review and synchronize their tasks. Each FA has a coordinator who organizes and leads the FA meetings and ensure that students, postdocs, and PIs are all actively involved in exchanging ideas and results.

Research Area (RA) meetings: Within each RA, all members will meet quarterly so that we can disseminate critical research findings, communicate important RA strategies, and ensure coordination among the PIs and the FAs regarding materials, experiments, and simulations. One of these meetings will be held in person at the Annual Technical Review in the early summer and the remaining three will be conducted via web conferencing.

Technical Management Group (TMG) meetings: The TMG is chaired by the Collaborative Alliance Manager (CAM) and consists of the Project Manager (PM), four Research Area Leads (RALs), and DTRA Technical Points of Contact (TPOCs). The TMG will lead the Consortium in a collaborative manner and will assist the CAM and the PM in carrying out their duties. The TMG will be responsible for matters related to membership and funding of permanent and non-permanent sub-awardees, programmatic and technical goals and reporting, and finances and administration. The TMG will also work to assure that materials and experimental/modeling techniques are being shared across the research areas, and cross cutting research initiative tasks are fully integrated into each of the RAs.