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Farhat Beg

Professor Farhat Beg
University of California, San Diego

Lead for Research Area 4
: Photon-Material Interactions

Farhat Beg is a Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at the University of California, San Diego. His expertise is in the field of matter under extreme conditions of temperature and pressure. He uses high power lasers and pulsed power Z-pinches to create matter above 1 Megabar pressure. Beg is the Director of the Center for Matter Under Extreme Conditions, funded by the National Nuclear Security Administration, and the Center in Frontiers of High Energy Density Science. He also served as the Director of the Center for Energy Research until June 2019, where he managed six staff and 15 PI’s with an annual budget of $15M. He will leverage this management experience going forward, and he will be given relief from some existing responsibilities to support the URA fully. Beg has been the PI and Co-PI on several DoD grants and collaborates actively with researchers at Rochester’s Omega Facility.