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Cross Cutting Research Initiative

Cross Cutting Research Initiative (CCRI)

Goals: Bring cutting-edge modeling, diagnostic, and data science tools to bear on the unique challenges posed throughout the research areas. Specifically, the CCRI will focus on 5 targeted research efforts that have transformative potential for the proposed MSEE research activities including 2 modeling efforts, 2 diagnostic efforts, and an additional effort in data management.


CCRI Coordinator: Mark Foster, Johns Hopkins University

PIsInternal (URA) CollaboratorsExternal Collaborators
Michael Shields (JHU)

Brian Barnes (CCDC ARL)

Tim Mueller (JHU)

Todd Hufnagel (JHU)

David Elbert (JHU)

Farhat Beg (UCSD)

Davide Curreli (UIUC)

Jim Gaffney (LLNL)

Sivanandan Harilal (PNNL)

Ryan Hurley (JHU)

Suresh Menon (GIT)

Gena Miloshevsky (VCU)

Harry Radousky (LLNL)

Sean Regan (Univ. of Rochester)

Betsy Rice (CCDC ARL)

Neeraj Sinha (Craft Tech)

Rick Spielman (Univ. of Rochester)

John Volakis (FIU)

Tim Weihs (JHU)

Bryan Wong (UCR)