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Research Area 1: Material Properties and Failure

Focus Area 2: Materials Constitutive Models

Goal: Develop validated, physics-based constitutive models for geomaterials undergoing dynamic deformation and penetration, and to develop and use novel in-situ dynamic x-ray and thermal measurement techniques to initialize and validate model predictions of material performance and damage evolution. The geomaterials of long-term interest include quartz sand, sandstone, granite, and Portland cement, or those materials of a similar class whose performance is deemed to be most uncertain from an active learning Bayesian UQ process.

Long-term Strategy: Perform fundamental analyses of material behavior, development and use of novel experimental diagnostics, and development and implementation of new computational models.


Focus Area 2 Coordinator: Ryan Hurley, Johns Hopkins University

Focus Area 2 PIs and Collaborators

PIsInternal (URA) CollaboratorsExternal Collaborators
Ryan Hurley (JHU)

Todd Hufnagel (JHU)

KT Ramesh (JHU)

Michael Shields (JHU)
Brian Barnes (CCDC ARL)

Mark Foster (JHU)

Tim Mueller (JHU)