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Research Area 2: Materials and Manufacturing for Synergistic Effects

Focus Area 2 : Tailoring Chemistry via Materials

Goal: Develop new energetic defeat systems with a team of experts and energetic systems evaluation and modeling with the ultimate goal of intelligently designing a new class of multiple-characteristic, time/temperature defeat energetics amenable to manufacturing scale-up.

Strategy: Fundamental analyses of material behavior, development and use of novel experimental diagnostics, and development and implementation of new computational models.


Focus Area 2 Coordinator: Michael Zachariah, University of California, Riverside

Focus Area 2 PIs and Collaborators

PIsInternal (URA) CollaboratorsExternal Collaborators
Michael Zachariah (UCR)

Ed Dreizin (NJIT)

Lori Groven (SDSMT)

Lorenzo Mangolini (UCR)

Betsy Rice (CCDC ARL)

Tim Weihs (JHU)

Bryan Wong (UCR)

Brian Barnes (CCDC ARL)

Hergen Eilers (WSU)

Mark Foster (JHU)

Nick Glumac (UIUC)

Todd Hufnagel (JHU)

Tim Mueller (JHU)

Raj Sinha (Craft Tech)

John Essel (NACS CL)

Michael Grapes (LLNL)

John Brennan (CCDC ARL)

Sergei Izvekov (CCDC ARL)

Jennifer Gottfried (CCDC ARL)

Demitrios Stamatis (NSWC-IH)

Michael Soo (NSWC-IH)

Greg Fritz (Draper)