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Research Area 2: Materials and Manufacturing for Synergistic Effects

Focus Area 3: Characterize and Predict Physical/Chemical Effects in Turbulent Environments


  • Obtain archival data from canonical experiments for simulants,
  • Utilize a state-of-art simulation code with data from canonical experiments for turbulent mixing and combustion environment and use reduced reaction kinetics obtained with UQ assessment in a parallel kinetics project, and
  • Exercise the simulation model to study more realistic post detonation mixing and environment.

Long-term Strategy: Combine a unique experimental characterization capability with an accurate, numerical multi-scale simulation approach for model development, validation, and uncertainty quantification.


Focus Area 3 Coordinator: Suresh Menon, Georgia Institute of Technology

Focus Area 3 PIs and Collaborators

PIsInternal (URA) CollaboratorsExternal Collaborators
Suresh Menon (GIT)

Tim Weihs (JHU)

Ed Dreizin (NJIT)

Nick Glumac (UIUC)

Michael Shields (JHU)

Raj Sinha (Craft Tech)

Mark Foster (JHU)

Bryan Wong (UCR)

Michael Zachariah (UCR)

Brian Barnes (CCDC ARL)