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Research Area 3: Chemistry in Extreme Environments

Focus Area 1: Nuclear Fireball Plasma Chemistry

Goal: To understand, describe, and predict mid-phase interactions of a nuclear fireball with its surroundings within a canonical model defined in conjunction with DTRA.


Focus Area 1 Coordinator: Davide Curreli, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Focus Area 1 PIs and Collaborators

PIsInternal (URA) CollaboratorsExternal Collaborators
Davide Curreli (UIUC)

Ed Dreizin (NJIT)

Nick Glumac (UIUC)

Sivanandan Harilal (PNNL)

Debbie Levin (UIUC)

Mark Phillips (Univ. of Arizona)

Harry Radousky (LLNL)
Kim Knight (LLNL)

Brian Barnes (CCDC ARL)

Mark Foster (JHU)

Gena Miloshevsky (VCU)

Tim Mueller (JHU)

Michael Shields (JHU)

Michael Zachariah (UCR)
Clare Kimblin (STL)

Jeff Martin (SNL)

Timothy Rose (LLNL)

Villa-Aleman (SRNL)