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Research Area 3: Chemistry in Extreme Environments

Focus Area 2: High Temperature Properties and Chemistry of Agents and Simulants

Goal: Identify, understand, and control relevant decomposition reactions and kinetics of chemical warfare agents and their simulants as they are subjected to counter-WMD conditions.

Long-term Strategy: Complementary experimental and computational investigations of the fundamental chemical reactions and kinetics of (a) agents/simulants, (b) agents/simulants in combination with various RMs/EMs, and (c) agents/simulants with various RMs/EMs in a turbulent/dusty environment.


Focus Area 2 Coordinator: Hergen Eilers, Washington State University

Focus Area 2 PIs and Collaborators

PIs Internal (URA) CollaboratorsExternal Collaborators
Hergen Eilers (WSU)

Ed Dreizin (NJIT)

Nick Glumac (UIUC)

Suresh Menon (GIT)

Mark Phillips (Univ. of Arizona)

Raj Sinha (Craft Tech)

Tim Weihs (JHU)
Brian Barnes (CCDC ARL)

Mark Foster (JHU)

Lori Groven (SDSMT)

Tim Mueller (JHU)

Michael Shields (JHU)

Bryan Wong (UCR)

Nathaniel Davis
(NAWCWD China Lake)

Clare Dennis
(NAWCWD China Lake)

Jennifer Gottfried

Michael Soo
(NSWC Indian Head)

Demitrios Stamatis
(NSWC Indian Head)