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Research Area 4: Photon-Material Interactions

Focus Area 2: Direct Laser Impulse

Goal: understand and optimize the ability of high-power lasers to simulate X-ray blow-off and thermo-mechanical shock.

Long-term Strategy: Develop high-fidelity physics models validated by the state-of-the-art experiments and their applications to predict and possibly mitigate X-ray induced blow-off, shock, and plasma generation.


Focus Area 2 Coordinator: Farhat Beg, University of California, San Diego

Focus Area 2 PIs and Coordinators

PIsInternal (URA) CollaboratorsExternal Collaborators
Farhat Beg (UCSD)

Javier Garay (UCSD)

Sivanandan Harilal (PNNL)

Harry Radousky (LLNL)

Sean Regan (Univ. of Rochester)

Rick Spielman (Univ. of Rochester)

Cliff Thomas (Univ. of Rochester)
Mark Foster (JHU)

Gena Miloshevsky (VCU)

Brent Blue (LLNL)

Frank Graziani (LLNL)

Kim Knight (LLNL)

Arati Dasgupta (NRL)

Jennifer Gottfried (Army Research Laboratory)