MSEE URA Lead Nick Glumac speaks to the New York Times about the Crimea Bridge Explosion

After a massive explosion that crippled Russia’s main bridge to Crimea, The New York Times reached out to experts in the areas of engineering and explosives to gain an understanding of the integrity and strength of the bomb. Dr. Nick Glumac, Professor of Mechanical Science and Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Research Area Lead in the MSEE URA was one of the experts contacted by the New York Times.

Professor Glumac was quoted about the damage and impact of the bomb on the bridge stating, “the ignition of the train cars passing by when the bomb went off also testified to its strength. But in the end, the structure was still standing. Bridges are very tough targets to bring down.” Professor Glumac’s continued work in the areas of combustion synthesis of materials, combustion diagnostics, catalysis and catalytic combustion, chemical vapor deposition, and reactive flow modeling, makes him an expert in his field and a reliable source for The New York Times and other prominent news institutions.

News article: “Ukrainians Fear Russian Reprisal for Crimea Bridge Attack”