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MSEE Colloquium: Dr. Jennifer Gottfried

High-temperature plasma and combustion chemistry initiated by a nanosecond-pulsed laser

Please contact Rachel Wise at for connection information.

In this presentation I will discuss the use of nanosecond-pulsed lasers for the ablation and excitation of CBRNE materials. In addition to sample identification, the high-temperature chemistry on three distinct timescales (<10 μs, 100’s μs, >1 ms) can be explored via these experiments. Some examples of our work in this area will be presented, including lab-scale measurements of the energy release from various reactive materials and attempts to control the reaction kinetics of materials via additives or particle modifications.

MSEE Colloquium: Dr. Jennifer Gottfried

High energy, nanosecond-pulsed laser-material interactions: effects and applications

Please contact Rachel Wise at for connection information.

In this presentation I will discuss the effects of nanosecond-pulsed laser ablation of solid materials when the laser pulse energy exceeds the breakdown threshold of the material by at least an order of magnitude. This regime differs significantly from conventional laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS), where much lower pulse energies are typically used. The resulting laser-induced plasma chemistry and subsequent combustion reactions form the basis for the laser-induced air shock from energetic materials (LASEM) technique developed at ARL for the lab-scale characterization of novel energetic materials.