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Dr. Sikhanda Satapathy Joins CMEDE as Cooperative Agreement Manager for MEDE CRA

We are pleased to welcome Dr. Sikhanda Satapathy as the new Cooperative Agreement Manager for the Materials in Extreme Dynamic Environments Collaborative Research Alliance.

Dr. Satapathy leads basic and applied research in the Soldier Protection Sciences area at the Army Research Laboratory in the US Army’s Combat Capability Development Command. Prior to joining ARL, he led electrodynamics and penetration mechanics research efforts at the Institute for Advanced Technology at the University of Texas at Austin for 15 years, initially as a Group Leader and later as Associate Director. His research interests include high-rate response of materials, penetration mechanics, shock physics, injury biomechanics, and electromagnetic launch.

Dr. Satapathy received his bachelor’s degree from Birla Institute of Technology and Science, India in 1987, his master’s from the University of Missouri-Columbia in 1993, and his PhD from the University of Texas at Austin in 1997. He received the Peter Mark Medal from the IEEE Electromagnetic Launch Society in 2012, and is a fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

JHU PhD Candidate Suhas Prameela Accepts MEDE-MSA Fellowship

Congratulations to Suhas Eswarappa Prameela on receiving the MEDE-MSA Research Fellowship! This fellowship enables current MEDE graduate students or postdocs the opportunity to participate in research activities at a MSA-affiliated university in the United Kingdom. With this fellowship, Prameela plans to explore the microstructure evolution of binary Magnesium alloys during thermo-mechanical processing. Prameela is a PhD candidate working in the Metals CMRG with Prof. Timothy Weihs. During the fellowship period, Prameela will work with Prof. Joseph Robson in the Department of Materials Engineering at the University of Manchester.

The MEDE-MSA fellowship is only open to graduate students or postdocs funded on MEDE whose principal faculty advisor is a current MEDE principal investigator (PI). The fellowship provides $6,000 (US) to support travel, housing and incidental costs. It is expected that the fellowship will be approximately eight weeks in duration which can be conducted throughout the year.

Announcing the MEDE-MSA Fellowship

MEDE – MSA Research Fellowship

The United States Army Research Laboratory (ARL) and the United Kingdom’s Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) maintain a strong international partnership which fosters research collaborations between the two countries. Two major materials programs focused on defense applications are the Materials in Extreme Dynamic Environments (MEDE) funded by the ARL, and the Materials for Strategic Advantage (MSA) funded by DSTL.

The Center for Materials in Extreme Dynamic Environments is pleased to announce the MEDE – MSA research fellowship. This fellowship is only open to graduate students or postdocs funded on MEDE whose principal faculty advisor is a current MEDE principal investigator (PI). This research fellowship will enable current MEDE graduate students or postdocs the opportunity to participate in research activities at a MSA funded university in the United Kingdom. The fellowship will provide $6,000 (US) to support travel, housing and incidental costs. It is expected that the fellowship will be approximately eight weeks in duration, mostly likely during the summer months in 2019.

Before applying, the graduate student/postdoc and their MEDE PI should contact a prospective MSA PI to coordinate the fellowship research focus and logistics. A list of MSA PIs and their contact information is listed below:

(contact info)
University, City Research Focus
Dr. Houzheng Wu
+44(0)1509 223342
Loughborough University, London UK Nanoceramic composites
Prof. Bo Su
+44 (0) 117 34 29493
University of Bristol, Bristol UK Ceramic/metal and ceramic/polymer ballistic interfaces
Dr. Clive Siviour
+44 1865 2 73132
University of Oxford, Oxford UK Ceramic/polymer ballistic interfaces
Prof. Jon Binner
(+44) (0)121 414 4396
University of Birmingham, Birmingham UK Synthesis of non-oxide ceramic powders
Dr. Dan Eakins
+44 1865 6 13078
University of Oxford, Oxfordshire UK Magnesium alloys

Interested graduate students and postdocs should submit an application which includes:
1. Current curriculum vitae of applicant;
2. Description of the planned research activities;
3. Name and contact information of current MEDE PI;
4. Name and contact information of proposed MSA PI;
5. Proposed dates of the fellowship;
6. A statement that acknowledges the MSA PI has agreed to host the applicant;
7. Personal statement on how this fellowship will benefit and broaden their research.
Application materials should be sent as a single pdf file to Dr. Victor Nakano ( The deadline to submit the application materials is April 12, 2019. The selected applicant will be expected to present a poster of their experience at the 2019 MEDE Fall Meeting and/or appropriate CMRG meeting.

Administrative notes:
If selected, it is the applicant’s responsibility to coordinate travel and lodging with host MSA PI. Funding for this fellowship will be subawarded to the applicant’s home MEDE university, under the applicant’s MEDE PI. The funding covers travel, housing and incidentals. Graduate student stipend or postdoc salary will be supported by the MEDE PI on their respective task budget.



2018 CMEDE Highlights Showcases Research and Collaboration Within the Program

We are pleased to release the CMEDE Highlights for 2018. This issue illustrates the unique aspects of our activities, recaps some of our significant events, and showcases a small sampling of the programs and people within each of our materials research groups (ceramics, composites, and metals). We are excited to share these accomplishments with you, as they have broad and deep impacts on our scientific and technological capabilities and allow us to developing a new workforce educated in the up-and-coming possibilities of materials-by-design. We are positive that the advances we are making in the science and the workforce will have great impact on the protection of our military personnel and vehicles.

We encourage you to take a peek and learn more about CMEDE!

Application Period for Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program Internships Now Open

For the third year in a row, the Materials in Extreme Dynamic Environments Collaborative Research Alliance (MEDE CRA) has been awarded Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program (URAP) internships.  URAP internships are sponsored by the Army Research Office and is a part of the Army Educational Outreach Program (AEOP).

URAP will provide eligible students an opportunity to participate in a paid research internship.  The stipend is $15/hour for up to 300 hours.  The internships will be held during the summer of 2019 and under the guidance of a MEDE principal investigator (PI).

Detailed information on the AEOP URAP program and student eligibility is available at:

Interested students can apply at:

MEDE Program Provides Contributions and Insight to National Academies Workshop on Combat Vehicle Weight Reduction

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine recently published a workshop report which included the scientific and materials-by-design approaches of the MEDE program. Hosted by the National Materials and Manufacturing Board of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine in December 2014, the public workshop discussed future advances in weight reduction by materials substitution for vehicles, including such topics as armor, structure, automotive parts, and armaments. Participants included members of military research laboratories and researchers from industry and academia.

CMEDE Director, Prof. KT Ramesh provided a presentation titled, “The Science of Materials in Extreme Dynamic Environments” which highlighted the key research activities of modeling and simulation, bridging the scales, advanced experimental techniques, multiscale material metrics and characterization, and processing and synthesis. The MEDE objective, Ramesh noted, is to establish the capability to design materials for use in specific dynamic environments. This includes developing fundamental understanding in multiscale materials and ultra-high loading rate environments, executing a basic research program, and enhancing and fostering cross-disciplinary and cross-organizational collaboration. These activities are enabled through the MEDE consortium which is composed of 18 university/research partners working in close coordination with the Army Research Laboratory.

The workshop report is available at:

Lehigh University Researchers Join MEDE CRA

We are pleased to welcome Professor Martin Harmer, the Alcoa Foundation Distinguished Professor of Material Science and Engineering and Dr. Chris Marvel, postdoctoral research associate from Lehigh University to the MEDE CRA.  The title of their research activity is: “Atomic-Resolution Characterization of Boron Icosahedra Ceramics,” and will involve scanning transmission electron microscopy imaging and chemical analysis techniques to compare structure and chemistry of different processed boron-rich ceramics.  These activities will be integrated into the synthesis and processing supertask within the Ceramics CMRG.


CMEDE Graduate Student Jason Parker Receives American Society for Composites PhD Scholarship

Congratulations to Jason Parker, a PhD candidate in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, who is one of this year’s recipient of the American Society for Composites (ASC) PhD Scholarship!

First awarded in 2000, the annual graduate student research scholarship grant program was created for formally enrolled Ph.D. students in engineering or science whose dissertation research is focused on some aspect of composite materials. Up to four awards will be given, each consisting of two parts – one portion to support the student’s research and the other to register and attend the ASC Technical Conference.

Parker accepted his award at the ASC banquet on September 25, 2018 at the ASC Technical Conference in Seattle, Washington.

CMEDE Program Highlighted in Hopkins Extreme Materials Institute Video

Members of the Center for Materials in Extreme Dynamic Environments are showcased within the new introductory video for the Hopkins Extreme Materials Institute. Dr. John Beatty (U.S. Army Research Laboratory), Dr. Cyril Williams (U.S. Army Research Laboratory), Prof. Justin Wilkerson (Texas A&M University), and graduate student Jocelyn Chu (Purdue University) help explain the MEDE program, the research that occurs within the Collaborative Material Research Groups, and the program’s goals.

Check it out!