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CMEDE Undergraduates Participate in Women in STEM Symposium

Apr 19, 2018 | No Comments | By Jessica Ader

Congratulations to JHU undergraduate students Beatriz Medeiros ’21 (Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering) and Stephanie Hernandez ’21 (Dept. of Mechanical Engineering) who both presented research work they are doing as part of the MEDE program during the recent Women in STEM symposium held on the JHU campus.

In addition to their undergraduate work with the MEDE program, both students also have received URAP internships! The Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program is sponsored by the US Army Research Office and run by the Army Educational Outreach Program. URAP internships provide undergraduate students with an authentic science and engineering research experience alongside university researchers. Through this commuter program students will develop skills in Army critical science and engineering research areas in a university lab setting to prepare them for the next steps of their educational and professional career.

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