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HEMI Seminar – McLean Echlin

March 7, 2016 @ 9:00 am - 10:00 am

Performance and Design of Structural and Functional Materials and New Modes of Mesoscale Characterization

The discovery of new materials with unique properties and functionalities has revolutionized entire industries (lighting, aerospace, communications, automotive), continuing the centuries-long trend for materials to fundamentally transform society (i.e, the bronze, iron and silicon ages). However, the available search space for new materials is expansive, requiring a framework for discovery, design, synthesis, and characterization. The strategy for approaching these materials problems has required the development and application of new 3-D characterization techniques and the use of mesoscale measures of defect evolution, in situ strain localization, and non-destructive time-resolved imaging modes. The use of advanced characterization of functional materials and materials for extreme environments, such as those used in energy production and advanced propulsion systems will be discussed. Opportunities exist for the application of these new characterization approaches to the design of battery electrode materials, for the understanding growth and evolution of electronic materials, and revealing deformation mechanisms in structural materials.

Seminar will be held in Malone G33/35.