The Hopkins Extreme Materials Institute (HEMI) is one of Johns Hopkins University’s premier research institutes on the Homewood Campus. Established in 2012, HEMI includes faculty members from the Whiting School of Engineering, Krieger School of Arts and Sciences the Applied Physics Laboratory in collaboration with numerous associates from academia, government, and industry. Our team of globally recognized researchers embraces the challenge of solving extremely complex research problems. This allows us not only to develop and provide the tools needed to address today’s problems but also to lay the groundwork needed to build the basic science needed to address future threats and opportunities.


MISSION: The mission of the Hopkins Extreme Materials Institute is to provide global intellectual leadership to advance the fundamental science associated with materials and structures under extreme conditions and demonstrating extreme performance.


VISION: HEMI develops the science and technology that protects people, structures, and the planet.

Operational Objectives

HEMI was created with the goal of bringing experts together from a variety of areas in order to look far into the future in building the basic science needed to address future threats and opportunities, while at the same time developing and providing the tools needed to address the problems of today.

In order to do this, HEMI creates unique facilities, has an administrative structure conducive for developing and managing complex projects, and builds collaborative partnerships.

With these building blocks in place, HEMI develops people with expertise in extreme science, creates science-based tools for industry and government, and provides data and standards to our partners and the world.

2014 State of HEMI