Complex problems can only be addressed by sophisticated teams. HEMI members are globally recognized experts in the fundamental science of materials and structures under extreme conditions. We are dedicated to improving the human condition by working with government, industry and national institutions to develop science-based tools. We not only teach the world how to think about materials in extreme environments, but also design materials for extreme conditions.

Below is a listing of the major science activities for which we’ve received funding in 2020:

Project TitleFunding AgencyPI/Co-PIResearch Area
VorticesApplied Physics LaboratoryRamesh
A Collaborative Program for the Multiscale Modeling and Design of Materials for Extreme Dynamic EnvironmentsArmy Research OfficeRamesh
Compressive Imaging Beyond One Trillion Frames per SecondNational Science FoundationFoster
Quantifying the Thermo-Mechanical Response and Strain-Rate Effects in Magnesium MicrocrystalsNational Science FoundationEl-Awady
The Nature of Quasi-Periodic Avalanche Bursts During Different Stages of the Fatigue Life of MetalsAir Force Office of Scientific ResearchEl-Awady
DMREF: Predictive Multiscale Modeling of the Mechanical Properties of Polymers 3D Printed Using Fused Filament FabricationNational Science FoundationNguyen, Olmsted, Kang, Hemker, Robbins
Extreme Dissipation Behavior of Main-Chain Liquid-Crystal Elastomers and StructuresArmy Research OfficeNguyen, Kang
Investigating the Relationship between the Structure and Mechanical Behavior of the Lamina CribosaNational Science FoundationNguyen, Gaitanaros
Experimental Characterization of Porcine SkinBecton Dickinson and Company
EFRI C3 SoRo: Programming Thermobiochemomechanical (TBCM)National Science FoundationGracias, Cowan, Nguyen, Schulman
Statistical Optimization of Self-Assembled Biosynthetic Cornea ImplantsNational Eye InstituteElisseeff
Performance of Pressure Sensitive Adhesives on Soft and Slippery MaterialsNational Science FoundationFrechette
Bio-Inspired Synthesis of Multifunctional Materials with Self-AdaptableAir Force Office of Scientific ResearchKang
Flexible and Tunable Acoustic Transducers for Energy HarvestingOffice of Naval ResearchKang, West
Characterizing the Break-up of Reaction of Fragments upon Rapid ImpactDefense Threat Reduction AgencyWeihs
Development of Particle Compacts and Sustained and Tunable Heat Production and Gaseous Biocidal ReleaseDefense Threat Reduction AgencyWeihs
Experimental and Computational Studies of Crystal Nucleation GradientsDepartment of EnergyWeihs, Falk
Draper Fellowship for Shane ArlingtonCharles Stark Draper LaboratoryWeihs, Ramesh, Hufnagel, Foster
Development of Particle Compacts and Sustained and Tunable Heat Production and Gaseous Biocidal ReleaseDefense Threat Reduction AgencyWeihs
Development of Particle Compacts and Sustained and Tunable Heat Production and Gaseous Biocidal ReleasePlanate Management Group LLCWeihs
Design of 3D Woven Lattices with Optimize Damping PropertiesNational Science FoundationGuest, Weihs, Hemker
Maximizing Reliability and Information Content of Ramp Compression Experiments with in Situ Ray CharacterizationDepartment of EnergyHufnagel, Wicks
DMREF: Data-driven Integration of Experiments and Multi-scale Modeling for Accelerated Development of Aluminum AlloysNational Science FoundationHufnagel, Elbert, Ghosh, Ramesh
A System for in-Situ Studies of the Contact Mechanics Between GeomaterialsArmy Research OfficeHurley
JHU Art WorksNational Endowment for the ArtsNakano
Collaborative Summit on Big Data and Cyberinfrastructure in Materials ResearchNational Science FoundationElbert
Convergent Materials Desing: Pressure Tuning Superconductivity via Polymorphism ControlNational Science FoundationPhelan, McQueen
Cost Effective Soft Material Conductivity, Temperature, and Depth (CTD) SensorsOffice of Naval ResearchXia
NSFGEO-NERC: Global Ultralow-Velocity Zone Properties from Seismic Waveform ModelingNational Science FoundationWicks
High Pressure and Temperature Polymorphism of a Key Super-Earth Mantle Material: MgODepartment of EnergyWicks