Complex problems can only be addressed by sophisticated teams. HEMI members are globally recognized experts in the fundamental science of materials and structures under extreme conditions. We are dedicated to improving the human condition by working with government, industry and national institutions to develop science-based tools. We not only teach the world how to think about materials in extreme environments, but also design materials for extreme conditions.

Johns Hopkins serves as the lead research organization for the following entities, which are housed within HEMI:
Center on Artificial Intelligence for Materials in Extreme Environments (CAIMEE)
Center for Materials in Extreme Dynamic Environments (CMEDE)
Center on High-throughput Materials Discovery for Extremes (HT-MAX)
Materials Science in Extreme Environments University Research Alliance (MSEE URA)

Additionally, HEMI Fellows serve as integral participants in other centers and institutes both inside and outside of JHU. Below is a non-comprehensive list.
Center of Excellence for Advanced Electro-Photonics with 2D Materials
Institute for NanoBioTechnology (INBT)
Institute for Quantum Matter
Johns Hopkins Center for Additive Manufacturing and Architected Materials (JAM2)
Johns Hopkins Center for Integrated Structure-Mechanical Modeling and Simulation (CISMMS)