Complex problems can only be addressed by sophisticated teams. HEMI members are globally recognized experts in the fundamental science of materials and structures under extreme conditions. We are dedicated to improving the human condition by working with government, industry and national institutions to develop science-based tools. We not only teach the world how to think about materials in extreme environments, but also design materials for extreme conditions.

Below is a listing of the major science activities¬†for which we’ve received funding¬†in 2016:

HEMI Research Projects

Project TitleFunding AgencyPI/Co-PIResearch Area
Materials in Extreme Dynamic EnvironmentsArmy Research LaboratoryKT RameshMaterials Design and Creation, Fracture and Fragmentation, Multiscale Materials Modeling, Extreme Imaging
VORTICES SSERVI NASA/Johns Hopkins Applied Physics LabKT RameshPlanetary
In situ characterization of dynamic failure and physics-based constitutive model development for geological materialsDefense Threat Reduction Agency- Todd Hufnagel
- KT Ramesh
- Nitin Daphalapurkar
Extreme Imaging
Studies in Short-Crack Growth during Creep and Fatigue TestsUES, Air Force Office of Scientific ResearchStephanos PapanikolaouMultiscale Materials Modeling
Identifying dislocation plasticity laws from microscopic principles using experimental imagingNational Institutes of Standards and TechnologyStephanos PapanikolaouMultiscale Materials Modeling
Nanoindentation of micrograins in polycrystals under multiaxial stress: Control of abrupt & stochastic plastic eventsDepartment of EnergyStephanos PapanikolaouMultiscale Materials Modeling
Biomechanics of Indirect Traumatic Optic Neuropathy (ITON)Wilmer Eye Institute- KT Ramesh
- Vicky Nguyen
Injury Biomechanics
Quantifying the Thermo-Mechanical Response and Strain-rate effects in Mg microcrystalsNational Science FoundationJaafar El-AwadyMultiscale Materials Modeling
Compressive Imaging Beyon one Trillion FPSNational Science FoundationMark FosterExtreme Imaging
DMREF: Predictive Multiscale Modeling of the Mechanical Properties of Fused Filament Fabrication Printed MaterialsNational Science Foundation- Vicky Nguyen
- Sung Hoon Kang
- Kevin Hemker
- Mark Robbins
Materials Design and Creation
Analysis of Advanced Energy-Absorbing Materials for Sports HelmetAES R&D LLCNitin Daphalapurkar
Injury Biomechanics
Research in Engineering Apprenticeship ProgramArmy Research Office- Victor Nakano
- Kavan Hazeli
Educational Programs
Manipulation of Elastic Deformation in Bio-inspired Wet AdhesionNational Science FoundationJoelle FrechetteFracture and Fragmentation
Mechanisms for PSA Adhesion and Failure under Extreme ConditionsNational Science FoundationJoelle FrechetteFracture and Fragmentation
Army Educational Outreach ProgramBatelle- Victor Nakano
- Kavan Hazeli
Educational Programs