Academic Programs

HEMI is proud to provide its constituents with regular opportunities to increase their knowledge base. We provide HEMI Boot Camp to give incoming graduate students knowledge of some key resources and software, allow for diversity within our program through the HEMI/MICA Extreme Arts Program and REAP Apprenticeships, and host regular seminars and short courses that showcase invited guests within the scientific community as well as professors from the Johns Hopkins University.

Workforce Development Events

HEMI and the Materials Science in Extreme Environments University Research Alliance (MSEE URA) created the Workforce Development Event series to help prepare attendees for post-graduation employment. Taught by experts, these workshops are appropriate for researchers and graduate students looking to hone their skills in topics ranging from storytelling in science to interviewing and networking. Registration is required for attendance.

Mach Conference

The Mach Conference is an annual, open event that showcases the state of the art of multiscale research in materials, with an emphasis on advancing the fundamental science and engineering of materials and structures in extreme environments.

HEMI/MICA Extreme Arts Program

The HEMI/MICA Extreme Arts Program brings faculty and students from both institutions together to explore unique perspectives on extreme events.  The program encourages collaboration among artists and researchers to examine data, interpret outcomes, and translate results from extreme events in new ways. It is our hope that this dialog will create a stronger community through a shared sense of curiosity and exploration.

Short Courses

Intensive, multi-day, educational courses taught by a master of his/her field. Appropriate for professionals, researchers, and graduate students from industry, government, national laboratories, and academia. We ask the leaders of the field to teach, to integrate both principles and practice, and to focus on the topics they find most exciting.


Invited guests within the scientific community present on a topic of importance within their field.

High School Apprenticeship Program
(formerly Research and Engineering Apprenticeship Program)

A summer program that allows talented high-school students from groups historically under-represented and underserved to work on a hands-on research project, exposing them to the real world of research and allowing them to learn about education and career opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).  See what our apprentices accomplished in 2023.

Boot Camp

The goal of HEMI bootcamp is to give incoming JHU graduate students introductory knowledge to some key resources, software and general skills that they will need as HEMI students.