Facilities and Equipment

HEMI researchers have access to some of the most high-tech and specialized equipment available in the industry. Below is a sampling of some of the facilities available to our partners and researchers:

For more information or specifics on any of the facilities or equipment available to HEMI constituents, please contact Matt Shaeffer at mshaeff1@jhu.edu. To review pricing structures for available pieces of equipment, click

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Hypervelocity Impact Facility (planned completion 2018) This facility will be a state-of-the-art hypervelocity launcher and diagnostics to probe the behavior of materials in extreme environments with applications in planetary formation and shielding design. High-speed imaging and other diagnostics will provide insight into behavior at impact velocities above 5 km/s.
Laser Shock Facility This facility will use a high-powered laser to ablate a surface layer of the target material, generating shock waves at high shock pressures. State-of-art diagnostics allow measurements to be made to understand material response at these pressures at bench-top size scales.
Plate Impact Facility The plate impact facility is comprised of a gas gun and target chamber and interferometer laser diagnostics. Normal plate impact and pressure-shear plate impact experiments at velocities up to 200 m/s and strain rates up to 106 1/s can be achieved.
Kolsky Bar Facility The Kolsky bar facility tests materials in uniaxial or biaxial confined stress states at strain rates of 102 to 104 1/s over a range of temperatures. Equipment includes a conventional Kolsky Bar, a Desktop Compression Bar, and a multiaxial bar for tension and torsion. High-speed imaging allows in-situ visualization during testing.
3-D Characterization Facility This facility contains a field emission SEM with EBSD and EDS detectors and an in-situ nanoindenter stage. Serial sectioning and imaging are being developed, making use of in-situ surface milling from a femtosecond laser. The femtosecond laser can also be used for micromachining.
Specimen Preparation Facilities This facility contains several pieces of equipment to prepare specimens for both testing and characterization. Equipment includes low and high speed saws, automated polishing machines, a lapping machine, an electro-polisher and an ion-milling machine.
Shock Tube Test Facility This facility uses a 3-inch shock tube to dynamically load soft materials and tissue specimens. Dynamic pressure measurement and high-speed 3D digital image correlation capture material response. This facility is Biosafety level 2 and includes a biosafety cabinet for preparation of tissue samples.
Drop Weight Test Facility The drop tower delivers impacts between 1 and 30 m/s with specified energy up to 1800 Joules to both solid materials and tissue specimens. An environmental chamber allows control of ambient temperature, and tests can be visualized with high-speed imaging.

Other Facilities

HEMI possesses multiple other resources:

  • Meeting Rooms – HEMI owns three rooms in Malone Hall that can be reserved for special meetings and events.
  • MTS Universal Test machine
  • High-speed cameras: Photron SA5 and a Specialised Imaging Kirana
  • Homewood High Performance Compute Cluster (HHPC)
  • Whiting School of Engineering Manufacturing facilities
  • Nanoindenter mechanical testing system