Why Work With Us?

The Hopkins Extreme Materials Institute is a top-tier destination for research in the fields of materials and structures, multiscale materials modeling and design, impact biomechanics, hypervelocity impacts, and planetary impacts. Our state-of-the-art facilities, extensive funding, and diverse partnerships are just some of the reasons why collaborators from academia, national laboratories, the government, and industry work with us.


Collaboration and Diversity

HEMI is a hub for collaboration, bringing together professionals from across the disciplinary spectrum and from around the world. Here, you’ll partner closely with colleagues from the military, manufacturing, academic, government sectors, and beyond.

Funding and Resources

As a collaborator at HEMI, you’ll have access to an array of internal and external funding sources, creating unmatched opportunities for exploration, discovery and innovation. And with brand-new facilities on the forefront of dynamic materials technology, you’ll have the tools you need to do amazing work.

Technology and Amenities

The main HEMI office and laboratory space is located in Malone Hall on the Johns Hopkins University Homewood campus. Yet, due to our collaborations, we have leading-edge facilities all over the campus including:

  • 3D microscopy lab
  • Focused ion beam facility
  • Ultra high-speed cameras
  • Nanoindenter and in situ testing
  • High-energy drop weight test facility
  • Laser shock facility
  • Plate impact facility
  • Kolsky bar facility
  • Shock tube test facility
  • Hypervelocity impact facility
  • Technology-driven collaboration rooms
  • Capabilities for handling big data
  • Software packages and development