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HEMI Seminar: Prof William Proud

November 2, 2015 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am

The High-strain Rate Loading of Structural Biological Materials

The human body can be subjected to violent acceleration as a result of explosion caused military ordinance or accident. Blast waves cause injury and blunt trauma can be produced by violent impact of objects against the human body. The long-term clinical manifestations of blast injury can be significantly different in nature and extent to those suffering less aggressive insult. Similarly, the damage seen in lower limbs from those injured in explosion incidents is in general more severe than those falling from height. These phenomena increase the need for knowledge of the short and long-term effect of transient mechanical loading to the biological structures of the human body. This talk gives an overview of some of the results of collaborative investigation into blast injury. The requirement for time-resolved data, appropriate mechanical modeling, materials characterization and biological effects is presented. The use of a range of loading platforms, universal testing machines, drop weights, Hopkinson bars and bespoke traumatic injury simulators are given.

Dr. William Proud  Director of the Institute of Shock Physics, Imperial College London (2009-present). Conducted research in the area of shock waves and dynamic properties of materials since 1994, initially at the Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge (1994-2009). Main research topics: diagnostics, explosives, granular materials and biological systems. PhD in Physical Chemistry (University of Newcastle, 1990). Chair of the Shock Waves and Extreme Conditions Group, Institute of Physics, UK (2012-present).