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CANCELLED: HEMI Seminar: Slade Gardner (Lockheed Martin)

January 22, 2016 @ 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm

This event has been cancelled due to the potential for inclement weather.

Digitizing the Production Environment with a Multi-Robotic Additive Cluster

Lockheed Martin has emphasized innovative opportunities of additive manufacturing with component level additive manufacturing of brackets, struts, fittings and propellant tanks. A future vision is the ability to additive manufacture an entire spacecraft using many different additive methods, combined with automated machining, component placement, bonding and finishing. The notion of maximizing additive manufacturing capabilities raises the question, “If you are going to build your product a volume element at a time, why not also inspect and validate your product at every volume element?”. To address this proposition and a future capability of ‘3D printing’ an entire spacecraft a multi-robotic additive cluster has been built for pathfinding development. This multi-robotic cluster includes additive manufacturing, subtractive machining and several sensing operations that enable digitization of the production environment. As part of the digital tapestry, these prompt digital data are projected to accelerate development prototype cycles, validate design and provide a wealth of information for quality assurance and product acceptance.

Seminar will be held in Malone Hall, G33/35.Gardner Seminar 1-22-16