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Workforce Development Event: Technical Presentations – How to Grab (and Keep) Your Audience’s Attention

December 1, 2020 @ 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm

As researchers we are called upon regularly to present our work to a variety of audiences. Do you finish your presentations feeling like your audience learned more about you and your research? Or did you get the sense they were confused, bored and maybe even sleeping? This session will discuss ways in which we can all improve our presentations to a wide range of audiences. Group discussion will be interspersed with segments from a video by Julie Reiser in the Center for Leadership Education on the “Top 10 Mistakes Most Communicators Make”. Together we will identify practices that will (and maybe won’t) work for our own technical presentations, helping all of us to put our best foot forward.

Lori Graham-Brady, Associate Director of HEMI and Chair of the Department of Civil and Systems Engineering, will be hosting this session. Professor Graham-Brady is a leading global researcher in the field of computational stochastic mechanics, multiscale modeling of materials with random microstructure, and the mechanics of failure under high-rate loading.

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