Extreme Arts Program Workshop – Contained Thinking: Handmade Books and Zines

Jay Gould, Professor, Photography, MICA

Books and zines create a tactile means to contain and share images, stories and even research. This workshop introduces students to several basic handmade book structures and teaches how to plan, print and self-produce inexpensive, yet intricate, themed books.
Students should bring along a digital folder of photographs, writing, poems, sketches, and anything else that could be used inside of a test book. Photographs from a camera phone will work great. Just have them ready on your computer, Google Drive, or emailed to yourself prior to the workshop. No solid plan is required beforehand, but it may help to have a small archive of inspiring materials on hand.
Please bring a laptop with Adobe Acrobat installed and an active Google Docs account to participate fully in this workshop. Both are available for free.

HEMI will be offering a variety of Extreme Arts Workshops over the 2017-18 academic year. These will be a series of art and design workshops geared towards the non-artist and taught by Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) faculty. The goal is to foster cross-disciplinary thinking and collaboration through hands-on demonstrations.

The workshops are free and open to Johns Hopkins University students.

You can register for it now by clicking here.