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Previous Seminars

Jon Belof, LLNL – “Metastable Phases Far from Equilibrium: A New Frontier in Dynamic Material Science”

David Yoo, PhD and Nathan Hertlein – “Bistable Architected Elastomer Beam Unit: Design & Liquid Crystal Elastomer Re-Programming”

Prof. Jimmie Oxley, Univ. of Rhode Island – “Toward Small-scale Characterization of Energetic Materials”

Prof. David Frost, McGill University, “Enhanced Blast Pressure, Temperature, and Impulse from Metalized Explosive Fireballs”

Mark J. Schmitt, LLNL – “The Quest for Inertial Confinement Fusion using Large Directly Driven Targets with 1, 2 or 3 Concentric Shells”

Prof. Subith S. Vasu, Univ. of Central Florida – “Revealing the High-Temperature Destruction of Chemical Weapon Simulants Using Shock Tube and Time-Resolved Laser Diagnostics”

Prof. K-C. Kenneth Park, Northwestern Univ. –  “Learning from Natural Surfaces: from Transport to Phase Change of Water”

Prof. Mark Foster, JHU – “In-Situ Spectroscopic Monitoring for Metal Additive Manufacturing”

Akeisha N. Owens, DTRA – ”Modeling and Simulation (M&S) of Biological Weapons Agents and Infectious Diseases”

Students from the JHU Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering – “Building Platforms for Active Hierarchical Colloidal Assembly and Data-directed Design Toward Material Resiliency”

Prof. Ryan Harne, Penn State University – “Mechanical Materials that Sense, Think, React, and Learn”

Jennifer L. Gottfried, CCDC ARL – “Microscale Experiments to Measure Energetic Material Performance and Sensitivity”

Junjie Yang, Johns Hopkins University – “Plastic Deformation Reconstruction Based on Acoustic Emission”

Prof. Ling Li, Virginia Tech – “Natural Structural Materials: Lessons on toughening mechanisms, weight reduction, and multifunctionality”

Tim Long, JHU – “Rapid Determination of Grain Size Distributions by EBSD with Quasirandom Sampling”

Prof. Seong Su Kim, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology – “A study on the optimal curing process of tow-preg laminated composites through multi-scale computational modeling”