Alex Sun Weekly Update July 20th, 2016

Jul 20, 2016 | No Comments | By Alex Sun

  1. Last week I attended the ceramics summer meeting, which increases my understanding of the boron carbide material. I clarified my part of task in the whole project. Also, I talked to people from ARL and found that we shared a lot common research interests. Future cooperation will be continue after this.
  2. Reading papers and will give a presentation on group meeting.
  3. My summer plan is ultimately doing one or two PSPI on granular boron carbide. I am on my way to setup the experiments. I have tested the 600lp/mm grating and fixed the autocollimator. I gave the machineshop a deadline of next Tuesday to return all my parts. Powders from ARL will also arrive around that time and I can really start the experiment. I will do 2 PSPI tests before my fall term start.

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