Alex Sun Weekly Update July 5th 2016

Jul 6, 2016 | No Comments | By Alex Sun

(1) Doing literature review on ceramics modeling. The definition of damage tensor in terms of crack distribution gives me some inspiration on modeling. We can have granular tensor for the granular behavior of ceramics in a similarly way. This tensor will be part of my constitutive model. Like crack in damage tensor, physics law such as Mohr-Coloumb law should be included in local system. More generally, I will also try to define other material plasticity like amorphization and texture as the material mechanisms in this model. I am not sure whether dislocation mechanisms is activated for BC deformed at high level multi axial stress state. Ceramics mechanisms should be understood in order to come up with models for simulation or experimental data analysis.

(2) Did some fracture surface and fragmentation analysis on fragments and fractured Boron Carbide from Jeff using confocal Optical Microscopy. What is very interesting is I can get depth measurement of fracture surface and grain(fragments) size on vertical direction. More features can be obtained than planar images from SEM. Will continue on this. For a planar fragments size analysis, the traditional OM is enough to do the job.

(3) I am suppose to get my plate on July 15th. I will start my experiment setup formally from that time and to get the first PSPI data around Aug. 15th.

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