HEMI Workshop Grant Opportunity

In an effort to bolster interactions, collaborations, and teamwork for future proposals among the material community at JHU, the Hopkins Extreme Materials Institute (HEMI) is pleased to announce a new HEMI Grant to support on-campus workshop organization. The goal of this program is to provide funding and staff support to organize a one- or two-day workshop focused on advancing the fundamental science associated with materials and structures under extreme conditions.

While all directions related to HEMI’s Mission will be considered, some directions of particular interest include:

  1. AI/ML for materials desgin
  2. Structures in extreme environments, such as blast, extreme temperatures, impact/crash, natural hazards, disasters, nuclear events
  3. Materials behavior and performance in extreme environments
  4. High-power laser interactions with matter
  5. Materials and structures applications in planetary science, space science and geophysics
  6. Hypersonics and hypersonic applications
  7. Materials and structures for energy applications, including energy storage
  8. Design of sustainable materials


All faculty and researchers at the Johns Hopkins University, as well as Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) staff, who can serve as Principal and Co-Investigators are eligible to apply. HEMI fellows are encouraged to apply.


The total award for a faculty member or team will be in the range of $2,000 to $5,000. Multiple awards are anticipated. These funds may be used to support travel and accommodation of external collaborators to attend the workshop, as well as refreshments during the workshop. HEMI will also appoint HEMI staff to help with the logistics of organizing the workshop.

Obligations of Award Recipients

Award recipients will be expected to:

  • Complete the workshop before June 15th, 2024. No-cost extensions will NOT be offered and funds remaining at that time will be returned to the Institute;
  • Open the workshop to interested JHU faculty, scientists, and students (as space allows); and
  • Acknowledge the support of HEMI at the workshop.

Proposal Format (in a single PDF file)

  • Title Page – Not to exceed one page. Must include the following:
    • Workshop title, lead(s), department(s), and e-mail address(es). If the proposal involves multiple leads, one of the investigators must be designated as the Principal Lead, with the remaining investigators as Co-leads.
    • The expected date of the workshop and duration (days/hours).
  • Narrative – Not to exceed two pages. Must include the following:
    • Statement of the workshop topic and directions.
    • Workshop goals and objectives.
    • Size of the workshop, including the expected attendees (internal and external) as well as the workshop format.
    • Future funding and goals – State how this workshop will help the team prepare to attract new or additional external funding. Which funding agencies and programs will be approached with future proposals?
  • Budget and budget justification – Budget not to exceed $2,000 to $5,000. Facilities and administrative costs cannot be charged to this grant.
  • Curriculum Vitae of the lead(s) (one or 2 pages, standard NSF or NIH formats).

Please email the proposal as a single PDF document to Dina King at [email protected].

Deadlines and Evaluation

Proposals will be evaluated and selected as they are received (as long as funds are still available). Thus, early submission is highly encouraged. The final deadline for proposals will be 5 p.m. Friday, February 2, 2024.

The HEMI Review Committee may seek budget adjustments before making final decisions. The Principal Lead should ensure the proposal contains all required elements and is clearly written.

Please contact Dina King if you experience technical difficulties completing your submission or need further help in preparing your proposal.