Jun 15, 2016 | 2 Comments | By Hosein Motamedi

1- I have obtained some preliminary results for fracture of Boron carbide sample under dynamic 3-point bending test. To provide a comprehensive comparison with experimental data, more numerical examples are needed. I am carrying out new numerical tests with varying fracture toughness, modulus of rupture (MOR) and also density.  I want to figure out how those parameters effect the max. crack propagation speed.

2- I need to write a report for Prof. Hufnagel by June 24th. A draft will be given to Nitin by next Monday June 20th.

2 responses to “Hosein weekly update”

  1. KTRamesh says:

    You should put some of your typical solution movies for the rest of the group to see, particularly with respect to crack speeds.

    • Hosein says:

      Certainly! I just shared the link in slack. The folder includes the crack propagation video, crack band plot and crack speed profile. They are still a preliminary results. So please consider that there might be some error within outcome.

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