Jun 30, 2016 | No Comments | By Hosein Motamedi

According to our last talk, I am doing some literature review to come up with some interesting ideas about the perspective of my research, the big picture and plan of my work. I will write them down and give it to you in our next personal meeting. I look forward to receiving your view points about these ideas. I Hope you eventually help me to tailor them to the most productive and achievable goals.

I am going to work on simulation of fracture in Single crystal quartz. We need to implement an-isotropy effect to the model, i.e. using  \c_ij rather than c_e. The main challenge will be getting the mixed mode crack propagation. So I believe that we should consider the fracture properties in mode II and friction \phi resistance effect. I need to check how the c_ij contributes on the softening response of the material as well.

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