Announcing the HEMI AI-M Seed Grant Opportunity

Feb 12, 2020 | No Comments | By Michelle Pagano

The Hopkins Extreme Materials Institute (HEMI) is pleased to announce a funding opportunity to support seed grants in the research area of Advancing Extreme Materials using Artificial Intelligence Approaches.

This opportunity will fund research activities that advance the understanding of materials and materials design for extreme environments through artificial intelligence/machine learning/data science. Directions of interest include the development of AI methods that can be applied to mechanics and materials, the use of existing AI tools to advance material design for extreme environments, and the conceptualization and development of AI driven integrations of processing, characterization, and modeling of materials.

The Materials in Extreme Dynamic Environments (MEDE) program, the primary source of funds, seeks to advance the use of AI tools for material design and development.  However, MEDE-specific material systems need not be examined in order to advance such tools.

Eligibility: All faculty and researchers at the Johns Hopkins University (as well as Applied Physics Laboratory Staff) who can serve as Principal Investigators (PIs) and Co-Investigators (Co-PIs) are eligible to apply. A co-investigator may be from another university/institution, but all funded postdocs and students must be at JHU.

This seed grant opportunity complements the 2020 JHU Discovery Awards call, emphasizing research related to artificial intelligence. It is anticipated that between 3 and 4 proposals will be awarded, totaling approximately $1 million. HEMI will coordinate with JHURA and the Vice-Provost’s office to avoid funding of the same proposal by multiple sources.

Click here for additional information, including: budget guidance, proposal format, evaluation criteria, expectations for award recipients, and important deadlines.

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