Christopher Stiles appointed as a HEMI Fellow

May 18, 2022 | No Comments | By Michelle Pagano

Christopher D. Stiles has been appointed as the newest HEMI Fellow.

Stiles is currently a Multiscale Mathematical Modeling Section Supervisor with the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory whose research focuses on multiscale computational modeling of materials and their interaction with dynamic environments. For the last several years, Stiles has acted as a bridge between data scientists and physical scientists specializing in fields ranging from quantum engineering, to materials science, to chemistry, to biology, and more.

He teaches the Symmetries in Crystalline Solids course in the Johns Hopkins University Engineering for Professionals program and is developing courses in materials discovery enabled by AI. Additional areas of expertise include machine learning, molecular/synthetic biology, and multiscale phenomena.

A HEMI Fellow must be able to be a principal investigator on a research grant as defined by Homewood Academic Council. All privileges accorded by Homewood Academic Council are de jure available to HEMI Fellows. Typically, this means they are Johns Hopkins University tenured and tenure-track faculty, research faculty or Applied Physics Laboratory professional staff.

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