Dr. Tyrel McQueen from the Institute for Quantum Matter Joins HEMI

Aug 11, 2016 | No Comments | By Michelle Pagano

Please join us in welcoming Dr. Tyrel McQueen from the Institute for Quantum Matter to HEMI. Dr. McQueen is an Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry and is also appointed to the Departments of Physics & Astronomy and Materials Science & Engineering.

Dr. McQueen’s lab aims to revolutionize the study of solid-state materials chemistry through innovations in methodology for synthetic development. The lab designs new materials with favorable physical properties to closely study the structure-function relationships in these new compounds. Dr. McQueen’s research additionally focuses on experimental condensed matter physics, quantum magnetism, and superconductivity.

In addition to his membership at HEMI, Dr. McQueen serves as the Director of the Platform for the Accelerated Realization, Analysis, and Discovery of Interface Materials (PARADIM) Crystal Growth Facility. The facility provides researchers with the latest tools to further our understanding of the theory, characterization, and synthesis of new materials.

McQueen graduated with a B.S. in Chemistry from Harvey Mudd College in 2004 to continue to Princeton University where he earned his M.A. (2006) and Ph.D. in Chemistry and Materials (2009).


Dr. Tyrel M. McQueen

Dr. Tyrel M. McQueen


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