HEMI Artist-in-Residence featured at Artscape

Jul 19, 2017 | No Comments | By Michelle Pagano

Artwork by HEMI’s most recent artist-in-residence, Jay Gould (MICA), will be featured this weekend during Artscape.  It will be part of Field Work, an indoor exhibition at MICA’s Pinkard Gallery focusing on art and design influenced by science and mathematics. Gould will be showing pieces that he created during his time collaborating with HEMI researchers including the Asteroid Redirection project and a tintype installation.

Jay Gould is a member of MICA’s Photography Faculty and was the first HEMI/MICA Extreme Arts artist-in-residence.

For more information on Field Work and where to see it visit:  http://www.artscape.org/visual-arts/visual-arts-detail/1101

Note: Click to enlarge photos and view them in full HD resolution!

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