HEMI/MICA Partnership Highlighted in Velocity Magazine

May 2, 2019 | No Comments | By Michael Feder

In a recently published article, HEMI/MICA Extreme Arts Program Artists-in-Residence Prof. Jenna Frye, Prof. Jay Gould and Prof. Kimberly Hall speak about the importance of merging artistic sensibility with scientific pursuit.

Prof. Gould worked with HEMI Fellow Prof. KT Ramesh and his group to reimagine HEMI’s research using playful analogies, unique narratives and unexpected lab documentation. See some images from his residency here.

Prof. Hall created textiles and wallpaper depicting both the her time on the JHU campus as well as the intricacies of HEMI Fellow Lori Graham-Brady’s research work. Listen to Prof. Hall discuss her residency here.

Prof. Jenna Frye was hoping to discover a cohesive relationship between the physical form of the objects and the playful design interaction and the research findings of the team so that the experience of the play would speak to the research being conducted. She is currently finishing her projects and will be exhibiting them on the JHU campus this fall.

Read the article here: https://www.mica.edu/art-articles/details/when-art-science-collide/.

The HEMI/MICA Extreme Arts Program is an initiative that brings faculty and students from both institutions together to explore unique perspectives on extreme events.  The program aims to encourage collaboration among artists and researchers to examine data, interpret outcomes, and translate results from extreme events in new ways. It is our hope that this dialog will create a stronger community through a shared sense of curiosity and exploration.

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