HEMI Research Highlighted on Discovery Channel Canada

May 10, 2018 | No Comments | By Michelle Pagano

On a recent episode of Daily Planet (airing weeknights on Discovery Channel Canada), HEMI research was showcased in relation to its involvementĀ in the development of the ARK football helmet. The ARK helmet, created by HEMI partner AES R&D, uses Anti Rotational Kinematics (ARK) as the basis of its design of football helmets that move and absorb the rotational force that reaches the brain during impact events.

Former HEMI Fellow Nitin Daphalapurkar provided AES R&D with computational models of the brain and its reaction to different sources and levels of impact. This research was integral in the development of the ARK helmet.

Be on the lookout for HEMI graduate student Yang Li in the segment!

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