AEOP High School Apprenticeship Program

Summer High School Apprenticeship Program (formerly Research and Engineering Apprenticeship Program)

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The Hopkins Extreme Materials Institute at Johns Hopkins University hosts a summer Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) program that places talented high-school students from groups historically under-represented and underserved in research apprenticeships at U.S. colleges and universities. Formerly known as the Research and Engineering Apprenticeship Program and created by the U.S. Army Educational Outreach Program (AEOP), AEOP summer apprentices work on a hands-on research project under the direct supervision of a mentor, exposing them to the real world of research and allowing them to learn about education and career opportunities in STEM.

Program Goals

  • To provide high-school students from groups historically under-represented and underserved in STEM, including alumni of the AEOP’s UNITE program, with an authentic science and engineering research experience
  • To introduce students to the Army’s interest in science and engineering research and the associated opportunities offered through the AEOP
  • To provide participants with mentorship from a scientist or engineer for professional and academic development purposes
  • To develop participants’ skills to prepare them for competitive entry into science and engineering undergraduate programs


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About AEOP

Through the AEOP, thousands of additional students from elementary school through college engaged in hands-on STEM programs. AEOP’s STEM competitions exposed tens of thousands of additional students to scientific research methods and engineering principles in an interactive way. The AEOP’s internship and apprenticeship opportunities are offered as summer programs. AEOP relies on the expertise, knowledge and input of educators, partners, mentors and other volunteers to ensure that all programs are complementary to classroom instruction and integration. Educators and volunteers are encouraged to read information under the Get Involved tab on the AEOP web site to learn how they (and their students) can participate in AEOP programs.