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The Hopkins Extreme Materials Institute at Johns Hopkins University was selected as 2017-2018 Research and Engineering Apprenticeship Program (REAP) site by the US Army Educational Outreach Program (AEOP). REAP is a summer Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) program that places talented high-school students from groups historically under-represented and underserved in research apprenticeships at U.S. colleges and universities. REAP apprentices work on a hands-on research project under the direct supervision of a mentor, exposing them to the real world of research and allowing them to learn about education and career opportunities in STEM.

This apprenticeship focused on research being conducted within various departments at Johns Hopkins University. The apprentices had the opportunity to connect with students through events hosted by the Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Educational Outreach.

REAP apprenticeships are 5-8 weeks in length (minimum of 200 hours). 

Meet our 2017 REAP Apprentices and learn about their projects!

Visit the AEOP website at for more information on the REAP program. For questions regarding HEMI’s REAP apprenticeship, please contact the HEMI office.