Andrew R Summer Plan

Jun 1, 2016 | 1 Comment | By Andrew Robinson

Week 1 (June 6-10): Finish preparations for APS run

  • Assemble loading device
  • Test loading device with glass specimens made from microscope slides
  • Test force sensor to obtain more data points in the block force/free stroke space

Week 2:

  • Run tests at APS

Week 3:

  • Analyze data from APS
  • Test compliance of loading device using non-contact displacement method

Week 4:

  • Write experimental methods section
  • Write experimental results section

Week 5:

  • Write Design section
    • Concepts
    • Decision process for concepts
    • Component by component design
    • Assembly Design

Week 6:

  • Write Analysis section
    • FEM analysis for compliance of individual parts in load path
    • Comparison of FEM to experimental compliance testing results

Week 7: 

  • Finish any changes to introduction
  • Write summary/conclusions
  • Submit for revisions/edit

Week 8: 

  • Add revisions
  • Submit
  • Clean out desk space
  • Backup data to CAMCS server

One response to “Andrew R Summer Plan”

  1. KTRamesh says:

    Sounds good – not easy, but good. Need to stick to the plan to get the essay done, but you need to coordinate your submissions to me with when I will have time available – talk to Katie.