Andrew Weekly Update

Mar 22, 2016 | 2 Comments | By Andrew Robinson

  1. Found out from Noliac® that they do not have any actuator/controller pairs that will work for our application. Thor Labs® recommends that we buy a cheap controller first, then buy a higher amperage one if we need it. Still waiting to hear back from several other companies on their opinions. By our calculations from Abaqus, and the specs of actuators, its relatively easy to select an actuator, but selecting the piezo controller capable of supplying the drive pulse is a lot harder for our application.
  2. Looking at translation stages for the April trip. Main restriction is that it needs to be low profile to fit into the v-notch without having to bolt on too large of a “down-step” bracket.

2 responses to “Andrew Weekly Update”

  1. aminator says:

    Not sure exactly what specs you need, but have you seen “squiggle motors” yet? They are very small, high force, fairly fast

    • Andrew says:

      We want up to 1 m/s if possible, and at least hundreds of mm/s. The translation rates I see on New Scale Technologies website for their squiggle motors are in the 10mm/s range which probably won’t work for our application.

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