The laser shock facility has a University-scale laser shock capability that can achieve high pressures and ultra-high strain rates for relatively short times. It can be used to study the equation of state, to evaluate spall and other high-rate damage processes, and to interrogate laser-matter interactions.

Capabilities & Facility Description


Pulse laserQuanta-Ray Pro-350 2.5J 1064nm pulse laser with a 10 ns pulse duration
Diagnostic lasers for PDVNKT Koheras Basik 45 mW 1550.28 nm CW fiber laser

Keopsys Erbium Doped fiber amplifier
OscilloscopeTeledyne Lecroy 813ZI-B 13 GHz
Pyroelectric energy meterCoherent Energy-Max-USB/RS
Laser beam profilerNewport Spiricon LBP2-VIS2
Missile defense
Space systems
Planetary science
Terminal ballistics


Movie: Chris DiMarco, JHU
Image: Chris DiMarco and Jake Diamond, JHU
Photon Doppler Velocimetry

Back surface velocity measurement


For additional information regarding this facility, contact:

Justin Moreno
Associate Staff Engineer


The laser shock facility is located in Malone Hall on the Johns Hopkins University Homewood campus.