Research Area 1 – Focus Area 1: Material Properties for Reducing Uncertainty

Goal: To quantify and reduce the uncertainties in hydrocode simulations of material behavior under warm dense matter (WDM) conditions. To a large degree, these uncertainties are driven by uncertainties in thermodynamic and transport properties of the materials in question, which must be provided as inputs to the hydrocode simulations themselves. We will focus on the response of geomaterials under the conditions associated with extreme events such as nuclear blast and meteorite impact.

Long-term Strategy: Develop canonical model experiments that allow uncertainties to be learned from experimental data for a range of important materials. In the short- to mid-term, this process will enable new uncertainty measures for hydrocode predictions of new systems; in the mid- to long-term, our key deliverable will be a series of canonical models coupled to an overarching analysis methodology that allows improved materials properties models to be actively learned from experimental data.


Focus Area 1: PIs and Coordinators

Jim Gaffney

Research Area 1: Focus Area 1 Coordinator

Gennady Miloshevsky

RA4–FA1 Coordinator, RA1–FA1 Principal Investigator

Kaliat T. Ramesh

Principal Investigator, RA1–FA1

Adib Samin

Principal Investigator, RA1–FA1

Michael Shields

Principal Investigator for RA1–FA1, RA1–FA2, and CCRI

June Wicks

Principal Investigator, RA1–FA1